10 Reasons to Come to Enforex Camps

10 Reasons to Come to Enforex Camps

We’re sure you know spending summer at a summer camp is an unforgettable experience that helps kids grow, experience new things and get out of their comfort zone. But we thought we’d delve a little deeper and take a little look at the 10 most important reasons to spend a summer at an Enforex Camp. We think they’re pretty great reasons! Let’s see if you agree.

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1.       International Environment

One of the most enriching things kids (well, and really everyone) can do is spend time with people from different countries, who have a completely different outlook on the world. At Enforex Camps kids are surrounded by fellow campers from around the world. Spain, England, Russia, China… a wide variety of nationalities are mixed together in an international environment creating an ideal space for learning languages and about other cultures.

2.       Practice Languages

It is not uncommon for kids these days to speak perfect (or near perfect) English, but without practice it’s easy to lose the skill. How can we solve that problem? Spending a whole summer with people who speak different languages is a good start. It forces campers to make themselves understood and to understand their fellow campers in one common language. And at our camps they will also practice languages in entertaining, fun language classes, taught by experienced, native teachers.


3.       Discover New Cultures

TV, social media, newspapers … We are oversaturated with information, many times giving us a false sense that we know everything about the countries and cultures that surround us. But having an experience at an international camp allows our campers to understand another much broader and richer perspective on the world.

4.       Get Outside and Play Sports

When kids finish school and summer vacation starts, it’s normal that life becomes a bit more sedentary. The opportunity for your kids to spend the summer playing the sports they love with people from around the world is one they will never forget. Our camps offer tons of sports and activities from soccer to sailing to horseback riding or swimming both at the camp pools and at the beach, basking in the sun and sand.


5.       Creativity

One of the most important developmental areas for kids is creativity; the ability to unleash their imagination and let it run wild. It is essential to take part in activities that encourage creativity, which they will be able to apply to solving everyday problems later in life. Theater, dance, crafts… all of the activities at Enforex Camps are about creativity!

6.       See New Places

Our camps organize trips to see different places with half day or full day outings. Campers, whether they are Spanish or international get the chance to experience new places, cultures and traditions and get to know the area around the camp. It is the perfect way to explore the world!


7.       The Best Facilities

Our camps are found in the best destinations in Spain and are located at modern, educational centers with the best sports facilities. Spacious classrooms, fully equipped kitchens, brightly lit spaces… Everything is just so so that campers feel right at home.

8.       Highly Qualified Camp Counselors and Teachers

24h supervision at camps ensures that our counselors are there for campers at all times, and are available for anything they may need. During language classes, our native and highly qualified teachers are responsible for teaching in an entertaining, and above all, fun way.


9.       EnfocampClub

Photos, videos, comments, experiences… With Enfocamp Club campers can reminisce about all of their experiences and remember the good times they had at camp, while sharing them on our social networks; a great online space just for our campers.

10.   A Unique Experience

The last of our reasons, but definitely not the least, is the enriching experience that campers will enjoy surrounded by new friends from around the world in a place where sports, crafts and languages create an exciting and unforgettable environment. These are the keys to a singularly spectacular summer.


So there you have it, our 10 reasons for kids of all ages to enjoy the summer with us. And now that you know, what are you waiting for to sign your kids up for the best summer ever? We can’t wait to meet them!

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