All Enfocamp Summer Camps are ongoing!

All Enfocamp Summer Camps are ongoing!

This past Sunday, began all Enfocamp’s Summer Camps that hadn’t opened their doors: Madrid, Valencia, Marbella Alemán, Barcelona, Seville and Granada.

From the charming atmosphere of Barcelona to Granada’s magical little streets, passing by Madrid, the capital of the country, and Valencia the Mediterranean great city, hundreds of kids from all around the world just joined up the experience of living two weeks into an international fun environment, a perfect mixture to learn the most important languages and create friendships, no matter how many borders must be trespassed.

As many students already did, and many more will do someday, they are currently enjoying the stay and taking advantage of every single second from this unforgettable fortnight.

All the information is available at Enfocamp Club and social networking.

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