Can golf be good exercise for children?

Can golf be good exercise for children?

Golf is an excellent sport for adults and children because they can have fun while doing it and it has physical and psychological benefits. Although many people think that golf is boring this is not true at all.

To begin with, golf is a different sport which you can do as a whole family. Fathers, mothers and their children can enjoy this sport in a group encouraging all of them to participate while also creating a healthy dose of competition between them.

Basic golf techniques are easy to learn and children will not find it difficult to start mastering the basic moves.   The fact that they have to control their clubs and movements will give them a sense of responsibility which other sports do not provide.


Physically, golf is a very challenging sport for children and as they improve their strokes and hit closer and closer to the holes they will become even more satisfied.

Furthermore, it is a game played outside which will teach them to deal with factors beyond their control including the wind, rain and even the sun while still having a good time. As well as helping them to mature, they will also find it very fun to play in these surroundings.

Similarly, golf will also help them relax and it will improve their concentration. This activity normally takes place in peaceful and beautiful settings and these feelings of tranquility and beauty will be transmitted to your children, while also helping them synchronize movements, execute shots or even speak more calmly, without hiding their emotions.


The fact that it is a sport that you can play as a family means that participants will form stronger bonds and turns it into a game/sport which everybody can take part in. If children end up falling in love with golf, they will be able to develop their ability to compete against their siblings, taking on their parents or even meeting new friends who they can play with if they sign up to a club or frequently use the same golf courses.

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