Meet Rodrigo Nicolás: An Enforex Camper for the Last Eight Years!

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Meet Rodrigo Nicolás: An Enforex Camper for the Last Eight Years!

Rodrigo Nicolás has grown with us and we have grown with him. He has been coming to our summer camps in Madrid for no more and no less than eight years! Want to meet him?
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Why Should Our Kids Learn Languages?

We know that learning a language is good for our kids’ development, but what are the real, tangible benefits? In this article we’ll look at the true advantages of learning a language. Ready?

The most important thing, and what we are all probably thinking about when we think about the reasons to learn a language, is the possibility of communicating with people from different countries. We live in an increasingly globalized world, where we come into close contact with people who may have seemed very far away just a few years ago (and who still may be far away, physically, even though we work or interact with them closely). It is important to know our colleagues’ and counterparts’ languages, not only to understand and to be understood linguistically, but also in order to understand each other’s culture and traditions.

learning languages

This point goes hand in hand with the next: having a better understanding of the world that surrounds us. If our children learn a new language many more possibilities are open to them. They can read foreign authors, see shows and movies as original versions (without bothering with subtitles), and even follow the social media profiles of people they admire who speak a different language. All of the information that they have access to in this way can help them achieve a richer and more comprehensive vision of the world.

Another great advantage is greater access to higher-paying jobs. You’re probably thinking they’re too young to think about their future careers in a serious way, but the earlier they start to learn a language the better. We’re not going to get into technicalities or specific science, but it is proven that the brain is more receptive at an early age.

 making foreign friends

We’re also not going to say that learning a new language makes us smarter, but it’s true that it does help us exercise the brain. Learning new verbs, new structures, new sounds… all help us keep one of our most valuable and important muscles in shape. Understanding different structures in a second language also helps when it comes to learning a third language, making it possible to learn it much faster!

learning about the world

And finally the reason which is the most important to us: learning a new language is a way to make friends from around the world. Traveling becomes much more fun if you know the language spoken wherever you are. It becomes possible to talk to the locals and understand their culture and environment in a deeper way. It also makes it possible to create much deeper friendships that last forever.

At Enforex Camps, not only will your children be able to learn or improve their language level, they will also be able to practice with students from around the world. What are you waiting for? Your kids will have unforgettable summer! We can’t wait to meet them at Enforex Camps!

What can you dress up as this Halloween?

The night of the monsters is almost here, and it is very probable that there is a costume party at school or high school you are attending to. Ok, then, so, what costume can you wear that is not the typical vampire cape, the classic white-sheet-ghost or the toilet paper mummy? We are going to give you some ideas of unusual Halloween party monsters to inspire you. Also, apart from telling you their story, we will let you know what elements can be used so that the costume is very affordable.

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Since When Is October 12 a National Holiday?

The following Wednesday, October 12 is a national holiday: as you well know, it is the commemoration of the day when Columbus discovered America, in 1492 (almost 520 years ago). Almost certainly, someone has told you that it was not Columbus, but the Vikings, who first reached America, but that is a separate issue and, given the fact that we have no proofs whatsoever of this, the official date of the discovery is still the one we celebrate.
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The Holy Week (Semana Santa)

The Holy Week is that time of year when Christians commemorate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It uniquely blends solemnity, gravity and celebration – in fact, there is plenty of celebration. Even though practically every village in the country has its own rites, certain things are quite common. Let us go through some of them.
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Halloween, Spanish Style

Only recently have we started celebrating Halloween in Spain. True: it is not an official holiday, and some people don’t like it because it is “imported” or “disrespectful to the dead;” but it is also very popular and it becomes more so every year. In fact, it has been accepted to the point where, slowly, it has been “Hispanized.” Why is Halloween having so much success in Spain? We’ll tell you some of the reasons, both philosophical and practical.
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Goodbye Enfocamp!

August has come to an end, and the time for our to camps say goodbye. It seems like yesterday when the first campers arrived here on the 3rd of July!
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Youtube and our camps

We have all accessed Youtube at some stage. These days, it seems rather commonplace to do so. Yet, little over six years ago the mere idea of watching the video of some Japanese fellow on holiday or the latest mischief of a cat living in California on the Internet was beyond thought.
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How to get and share contents from Enfocamp Club

The camps have begun and each day something new happens. How can we get informed about what’s happening in the different destinations?
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New Season at Enfocamp

Enfocamp organizes its language camps for young people between 5 and 18 one more year. Everything is ready in the Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Valencia and Salamanca destinations (also Granada and Sevilla for non Spanish people).
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