Meet Rodrigo Nicolás: An Enforex Camper for the Last Eight Years!

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Meet Rodrigo Nicolás: An Enforex Camper for the Last Eight Years!

Rodrigo Nicolás has grown with us and we have grown with him. He has been coming to our summer camps in Madrid for no more and no less than eight years! Want to meet him?
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A Day at an Enforex Camp

We’re sure you’re wondering, what a typical day at an Enforex Camp is like? Well, since your wish is our command, we decided to write a post all about our day to day life at camp. Ready? We are!

Morning activities – start the day with energy!

Every day at camp starts with a good breakfast, the most important meal of the day! Juice, milk, fruit… Everything campers need to start the day full of energy.

After breakfast, the morning continues with language classes. On the first day of camp, students take language level tests, so that each student is placed in the class that is right for them. Our camp counselors and teachers make sure that language classes are interesting and educational, but more than anything fun.

day at camp morning activities

Best of all, after class, campers can practice what they have learned with all of the other Spanish and international students at camp, which is an excellent way to gain new perspective on other cultures, languages and countries.

Campers will also spend the morning playing their favorite sports. Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy playing soccer or going sailing or horseback riding… campers choose the sports they like the best!


Afternoon activities – relax as the sun begins to fall

After lunch and a short rest, we start the afternoon with activities. First we start with different board games, warming up for an active afternoon and to go out on an excursion.

Depending on the camp location we take campers on different excursions. From Hoces del Duratón, Jávea, Parque de la Ciudatella, to the Oceanográfico… Campers at each destination go on unique excursions to enjoy a unique and exciting summer.

day at camp afternoon activities

But the afternoon doesn’t end there, there is still time to enjoy tons of activities and workshops, such as our superhero costume workshop, where campers draw on their creative sides to create their own superheroes.


Evening activities – fun under the stars

Some of the things our campers like the most are the activities we do at night. We play plenty of games under the stars and enjoy every minute until it is time for bed.

One of the most popular nighttime activities is our Mystery Night. It’s like a live version of Clue in which campers have to solve mysteries acted out by camp counselors. It’s a great way to feel just like Sherlock Holmes!

day at camp evening activities

But the last day of camp is the most special for a lot of campers. We all say goodbye and remember the good times we had with the photos and videos we took throughout the camp.

Now that you know a little more about day to day life at Enforex Camps what

are you waiting for? Your kids will have one of the best summers of their lives!




Can golf be good exercise for children?

Golf is an excellent sport for adults and children because they can have fun while doing it and it has physical and psychological benefits. Although many people think that golf is boring this is not true at all.
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Soccer Football Facts

In each of our camps you can play soccer (we have facilities for it) …. So, have you ever wondered why we love it or when it was invented?

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Sailing classes in Valencia

There aren’t many things that can compare to the joy of sailing: gliding through the sea, guided by the wind. Sailing a ship is an adventure, and even a maturity test: the sailor can choose his path freely, but he’s conscious of the responsibility of guiding the boat.
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What you didn’t know about tennis

There are many things to wonder about during a tennis match – especially during one of those that go on for hours. From, “who came up with hitting a ball with a racket?” to “why is it so hard to keep track of the score?” or “do they have to grunt so loud when they hit the ball?” Well, have tried to come up with the answers. And it turns out some of them are pretty striking.
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¡Happy birthday, Rafa!

One of the greatest sportsman in Spain turn 25: the tennis player Rafa Nadal.
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