Reasons to Learn About Different Cultures When You’re Young

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Reasons to Learn About Different Cultures When You’re Young

The world is becoming smaller and smaller every day… and more interesting at the same time. Learning about new cultures and learning from them has become necessary to grow, to mature and even to make new friends. At Enforex Camps campers learn about the benefits of meeting people from around the world first hand.

As you know our camps are multicultural: Campers come from all over the world! Our camp counselors also organize activities and international festivals so that everybody gets to know each other and all campers feel like part of the group.

Learning about other cultures helps campers make closer friends with people from other countries, and learn how to be respectful of them, their cultures and their beliefs. We know it’s important to keep in mind the many differences that exist between cultures: some expressions or gestures that mean something in one culture can have a very different meaning in others for example.


Learning about other cultures helps prepare campers for the future. We’ve already mentioned that the world has become very small; we all know someone who has traveled to other countries! And we’re sure that many campers’ parents have had to travel for work! If campers know how people express themselve in other parts of the world, and about the customs and cultures of other countries, they will be prepared to go on new and interesting trips in the future and to get the most out of them.

Learning about different cultures is fun and interesting. It’s one thing to learn about world geography and history from books… and quite another to learn about these subjects from people from around the world! When campers from different countries tell each other stories about their lives and countries, all of them will be able to see how different and how similar they all are at the same time!


Learning about other cultures makes campers more tolerant and caring. When young people learn about people from other countries and about their customs and traditions, they will see that they have a lot in common with people from around the world; that a guy from Spain is just the like a girl from Germany… Everyone gets worried about that subject in school that’s hard for them, everyone wants to pass their exams, everyone wants to have a great summer… We all understand each other!

Learning about other cultures helps campers understand the world. If they make foreign friends and keep in touch by e-mail or on social networks, they will better understand their new friends’ countries too.

That’s why we think it is so important to have students from all over the world at our camps; because learning about other cultures and meeting people from all over the world makes us better people. It is the perfect time for campers to begin this adventure!

5 Reasons to Spend the Summer at an International Summer Camp

There are tons of reasons to spend a summer with campers from around the world, today we’ll take a look at the 5 most important ones:


1.       Your kids will meet people from around the world

At our camps we believe it’s important for kids to share an experience with campers from around the world. More than 32 nationalities enjoy the summer together at our international camps! They are ideal multicultural spaces where campers can explore different, enriching realities creating a unique experience which teaches them to tackle new challenges, deal with change and about how to get along with different kinds of people.

2.       They will learn a new language

Our campers not only share their stay with people from different nationalities, language classes are taught every week by native speakers. Spanish, German, Chinese… any language that might come in handy for a successful future can be learned and put into practice during an unforgettable summer.

3.       They will experience a new culture in a meaningful way

Experiencing about many new cultures, and about the Spanish culture in an integral way, will help them broaden their horizons and enjoy other traditions and customs that they have never experienced before. On a family trip abroad we are not always able to fully understand the culture that surrounds us and how different other cultures can really be. But by living with people from different places 24 hours a day, kids find themselves immersed in a complete cultural experience.


4.       They will increase their knowledge of the world

We live in a globalized world, where the greater our knowledge of it is, the more successful we will be. It is essential for our children to get out of their comfort zone and begin to understand the complexities of the different cultures that exist in the world.

5.       They will make lasting friendships

This may be a trite concept, but it is very true. When you are young it is easy to create intense friendships and when a new friend doesn’t live next door or even in the same country, it forces kids to make a bigger effort to maintain a friendship. These friends from around the world share different realities with one another helping each other better understand the world around them.


So it’s final. An international summer allows campers to enjoy an unforgettable stay, live with people from around the world, share in activities, trips and sports and learn about new cultures. Can you think of a better reasons for your kids to spend an unforgettable summer at an Enforex Camp?



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