Enfocamp’s new Newsletter

Enfocamp’s new Newsletter

A new month has arrived and with it a new issue of our newsletter. But something is different this month: we present you our new design. Haven’t you seen it yet?


In your inbox you’ll receive a summary of the contents in the newsletter with a link, and here comes the best part: go check out our web site and you’ll see you’re now able to access the contents of our newsletters. You have to click on ‘Newsletter’, where you will find different categories (one for each type of article) with all the articles we’ve published under that category, which we will be updating with every issue.

So if you want to access any of our past newsletters (if you need to research for homework or want to show a friend one of our jokes) you only have to access Enfocamp’s newsletter. No need to save anything on your computer!

But there’s more: you can also participate and leave a comment for us, and we’ll make a note and keep it in mind for future issues.

We never forget you want to learn Spanish: the same contents are available in Spanish so you can start familiarizing yourself with a new language. You only have to follow this link.


Do you like our news? If you want to know more about our world, learn about the new premieres and improve your English, you can opt to receive our newsletter every month in your inbox.

We’re available and ready any time you need us.

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