Enfocamp Club: the picture of the day is available for printing.

Enfocamp Club: the picture of the day is available for printing.

Each day in Facebook we feature the picture of the Day of Enfocamp Club. As you know, it’s the most representative or funniest picture of each day, that picture in which your groups is in an excursion, doing a fun activity or playing some sport.


It’s a picture that those of you who are in it would love to have, to print and perhaps establish as your desktop photo as a remembrance.


This is why we thought it’d be great to feature the photo in high resolution and quality, so it’s look great once you print it. In our web you can follow a link that will take you to our Picasa album. From there you can download it easily and simple into your hard disk: just press the button.

Foto de Picasa

And that’s it: you have the day’s photo stored in your computer and ready to show your friends, family or to send it by e-mail. And don’t worry if you can’t find in on the same day. In the album you can find all of them for whenever you want them.

Now you know: don’t miss the picture of the day. Perhaps you’ll be in the next one.

If you want to read this post in Spanish follow this link

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