Enfocamp's Summer camps end!

Enfocamp's Summer camps end!

August, the main stretch of the summer, is coming to an end and Enfocamp summer camps are following suit and closing up their programs throughout Spain.

We’ve enjoyed several camp sessions full of fun, happiness and unforgettable moments, which may have already ended but remain fresh in our students’ minds and memories. We’ve spent many days with them immersed in activities and games, we’ve celebrated as they learned languages and we’ve enjoyed watching as new and lifelong friendships blossomed between youngsters from all around the world. We welcomed a sea of excited yet nervous faces which were immediately lit with smiles, smiles which didn’t disappear until the inevitable day of farewells. The frowns didn’t last, however, as the joy of remembering all the good moments far outweighs the sadness of saying goodbye. Hundreds of faces that we will never forget, just as we expect that they will not forget us nor all the students in every corner of the world who are longing for the unbeatable days of camp and waiting to see each other again. From the folks here at Enfocamp. we want to thank all of the students who have chosen us to be a part of their summer, as well as all those who have been following campers’ day-to-day routine through our Enfocamp Club web space, a special site that we’ve been enthusiastically updating and completing. Once again, Enfocamp has been a complete success, which in turn pushes us strive for even more next year in our continuing efforts to offer new students – as well as many of the returning students who come back year after year – the best summer of their lives.

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maria del amor de cózar Beltrán said:

Buenas , estube en enfocamp de marbella , colegio alemán durante agosto del 2009, me gustaria saber si me pondrian pasar fotos o algo , me encantaria tener recuerdos de el maravilloso campamento que es , saludos
pd:Espero una respuesta

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