Playback in our summer camps

Playback in our summer camps

You’ve surely read that there’s something called “flasmobs” going on in our summer camps this year, and are probably wondering what it is.

Flashmobs are done by a group of people that meet in one place to do something unusual and later leave as if nothing happened. Have you ever seen on TV those images where, suddenly, people stand still like statues while the rest of the walkers look surprised, or those in which people unexpectedly start a pillow fight? It’s something similar.


The phenomenon comes from the United States, where in 2003 a group of people got together to buy something called “the carpet of love”, which of course didn’t exist and which left the sellers looking quite bewildered.

Maybe after reading this you’re thinking that during our summer camps we will make you go to a mall or another public place to do something similar. Don’t worry: our flashmobs are done among friends and they’re designed so that everyone that takes part has a good time.

Enfocamp Flashmob

Enfocamp Flashmob

Don’t miss out, we will be publishing them, and remember to practice thoroughly. Which summer camp will organize the best one? Surely yours!

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