How to get and share contents from Enfocamp Club

How to get and share contents from Enfocamp Club

The camps have begun and each day something new happens. How can we get informed about what’s happening in the different destinations?

Let’s go to our web and click in the “Enfocamp Club” section. We will see spaces for all the different camps. To the right we will se a column in which there is a box requesting our name and e-mail; it’s the subscription box. If you fill it with the required information and press send, you will be in the list of people that everyday receives an e-mail with updates about the camps.

Suscription box

This is not the only way to follow our club. Each of our spaces in Twitter, Tuenti and Facebook is updated with photos and news about the camps. It doesn’t matter which network you are in, you will be informed as soon as new content appears or when photos are uploaded.

Social media

Now, how can you share that photo with your friends and family? It’s also very easy.

Let’s go back to our web. Above the subscription box that we mentioned before you will see a “send” button. Is the font familiar to you? Yes, it’s the same used by Facebook. This button is there so you can send links to your friends so they can follow our Facebook updates.

And if you want something specific, enter in the camp of your choice, click on any day of the week that it’s in yellow. You will go to the day’s pictures, but you already know that. Beneath the yellow box you’ll find the cam’s address and a red button that says “share”.

Share button

Put the cursor on top. You will see that a window will unfold, which mentions several social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace… if you click on the name of your favorite social network a window will open that will allow you to share that day’s site through your wall. However, to share it properly you must be logged into your own account. You can even share it through Messenger.

Share box

But the “share” button allows you even more: you can also send the link through e-mail. Click on the button, introduce your –email address and the recipient’s and click on “send”. It will arrive at your friend’s or relative’s inbox right away.

As you can see, there are many way to share your experiences in our camps. You choose what, how and when. And in very little time: the day must be spent having fun and not troubled with the computer.

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