Meet Rodrigo Nicolás: An Enforex Camper for the Last Eight Years!

Meet Rodrigo Nicolás: An Enforex Camper for the Last Eight Years!

Rodrigo Nicolás has grown with us and we have grown with him. He has been coming to our summer camps in Madrid for no more and no less than eight years! Want to meet him?

Rodrigo Nicolás: My name is Rodrigo Nicolás. I’ve been coming to this camp for eight years. Since I live 15 minutes from here, I’ve always gone to the Day Camp.

Enforex Camps: How old are you now and how many years have you been coming to our camps?

R.N.: I started when I was 7 and kept coming until I was 14 and on Monday I’ll turn 15.

E.C.: What do you remember about the first year you came to camp?

R.N.:  I remember that it was my first summer camp, I had never been to one before. I thought I was going to be cool because I knew there was a lot of English at camp, but I was a little shy and it was a little hard to adapt at first. The second week I got used to it though and the next year I wanted to try again. I really liked it and I started to come every year.


“I like to be around people all the time.”

E.C.: What are some of the differences between the first year you spent at camp and this year? Even though you’ve only been here a short time, what have you noticed?

R.N.: As Kids we had more supervision because we were younger. Maybe the change of camp counselors, and as a Junior we had more free time.

E.C.:  And every year you’ve come to camp what have you liked the best: the classes, the sports, the friends…?

R.N.: The outings, but also the friends. I love meeting new people. I like to be around people all the time.

E.C.: And when it comes to activities? Which camp activities did you like the best?


“I love soccer and water sports…”

R.N.: Soccer and water sports. I also love water gymkhana.

E.C.: Water gymkhana?

R.N.: It seems a little boring when someone explains it, but it’s very fun to actually do. You start and you don’t want to stop.

E.C.: Have you maintained the friendships you’ve made throughout the years, even if your friends were from different countries?

R.N.: Yes. For example I’ve stayed friends with a group of Korean campers. We always call each other because now they’re in Bulgaria and the hours are different; but whenever we can, we make time to talk. It’s usually at night.


“This is an international camp. There are always campers from other countries.”

E.C.: And do you like that campers are from so many different places? Do you get along with them? How do you talk to each other?

R.N.: We always speak in English. This is an international camp. There are always campers from other countries.

E.C.: And do you like that?

R.N.: Yeah! I think it’s great!

E.C.: Meeting people from many different places is great. If you had to recommend our camps to someone, what would you say to them, being that you’ve been coming here for eight years?

R.N.: What would I say? I would say that if they are from another country the Spanish will be great for them; that they should come to this camp because, for example, I’ve been to another camp in Madrid and I prefer this one because the other camp was shorter and they only offered sports. There are a lot more things to do here. There is always that difference.


“I would like to stay here because of the kids.”

E.C.:  There’s one thing that the entire office has wanted to ask you because we were told “there’s a guy who has been coming to our camps for eight years.” When you are too old to attend our camps, are you going to become a camp counselor?

R.N.: I would like to stay here because of the kids, since I always get along with people and like being around people… I would like to be around them.

So now you’ve met Rodrigo Nicolás. A friendly, fun, lively student… just like we like!

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