New Season at Enfocamp

New Season at Enfocamp

Enfocamp organizes its language camps for young people between 5 and 18 one more year. Everything is ready in the Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Valencia and Salamanca destinations (also Granada and Sevilla for non Spanish people).

From the 3rd of July and during the whole month (and part of August for the Marbella Alborán and Alemán) students from different parts of Spain will share classes and games with a number of students from other countries. This is one of the main attractions of these colonies: that learning a second language doesn’t only happen in the classroom, but continues outside of it.

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Another of the attractions it its variety of programs: there are residential courses as day courses (9 am to 8 pm) as intensive morning courses (9 am to 1 pm). All of them given by a highly qualified and carefully selected teacher body that also offers pedagogical reports detailing every student’s activities during their stay.

This season brings some great news: reside the language camps and for the first time there is an exclusive morning class sport modality in which beginners and advanced classes are given of football, gold, horseback riding, sailing and much more.

Valencia camps

There are also different activities and varied workshops (from dancing to drama), as well as excursions to different places of interest near the camps such as Toledo, Portugal or the beaches in Valencia and Marbella.

All students can participate in the different activities. In the camps’ website we have enabled the “Enfocamp Club” section, in which you can see a summary of the day’s activities as well as the best pictures of each day.

Salamanca Camp

As you can see, Enfocamp’s aims are not only directed to learning a language, but also to empower the student with self confidence, self improvement, and knowledge of the environment through experience. In this way and without effort, all the student’s abilities will be strengthened. In short: we help with their maturing process.

We invite all readers to visit the camps’ website to learn more details. We wish the best summer to all those students who come to the camps.

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