Reasons to go to camp this summer

Reasons to go to camp this summer

In the summer months many parents sign their kids up for summer camps, where young people have experiences that are educational and fun at the same time. You may even be preparing to embark on your own summer camp adventure: take a look below to see just a few reasons why you’re going to have an incredible time.

You’ll learn a language while having fun. When you get out of class you’ll take all the language you learned in workshops and on excursions and put it into practice with other students from other countries.


You’ll make a great new friend. You’ll probably become friends with the person who sits next to you on the bus on the way to camp; they’ll probably sit next to you again on the way back. Later you can stay in touch by mobile phone or through social media.

It’ll boost your creativity. If you have a wild imagination you can let it shine at camp workshops and activities. And if you come to one of our camps you can even focus on your creativity the whole time.

You’ll get to play your favorite sport and you’ll get to spend more time doing it. There will be sports and activities and in the afternoon you can play soccer for as long as you want. If kicking around a ball is not your thing, you can find other classmates who want to play something else.

You’ll get to check out new places. Join your new classmates and go on excursions organized by the camp! You’ll learn to see the world differently and you’ll discover the nature and history of your destination. And most importantly, you’ll have fun doing it!

You’ll be able to spend as much time as you want in the pool. And you’ll have plenty of friends who you’ll be able to play ball or Marco Polo with… You’ll have a great time and cool off in the process!


You’ll make a ton of good memories. When you go home you’ll have photos and stories to tell and show your friends and family; they’ll love to hear about your experience!

These are just a few of the many reasons we can think of for spending the summer at camp. But if you can think of any more, don’t be shy, tell us about them!

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