Things you didn’t know about the Columbus’ Journey

Things you didn’t know about the Columbus’ Journey

The next 12th of October is the “Hispanic World Day” or, in other words, the anniversary of the discovery of America. Well… we assume you have been told this at school, and that you know all about Columbus’ history. Well, now that we’re considering it, maybe not all of it. There are some details that few people know about, and that are hard to explain. We are going to tell you some of them so that you can be taken for sages in the family reunions that will happen on this date. Pay attention and don’t miss a detail!


We have been told that Christopher Columbus was convinced of the fact that the earth was round when he proposed the journey to the Catholic Monarchs. But at the time, the fact that our planet was round was already known. The real discussion concerned the distance from Portugal to Asia in a westerly direction.

Columbus didn’t bring any friars or priests with him on board. Some historians says perhaps Columbus was the member of a secret society. But let’s think about it: the journey was only a commercial expedition in the beginning. When the admiral made his second travel, he brought with him some representatives of the Catholic Church.

It’s well known that the journey was very hard for the sailors: There were mutinies and lack of provisions. But the hardships didn’t end when they comeback to Spain: they weren’t paid by the crown… until 1513! 21 years after the discovery!


Comeback to Spain wasn’t easy: It was so hard that Columbus landed in Portugal instead of Spain, on March 6, 1493. So the first king who knew that there is a continent beyond the Atlantic Ocean was John II of Portugal. The news didn’t arrive to the Catholic Monarchs up until three days later. Because of that many people think Columbus could have been a Portuguese spy.

Sure: Somebody will tell you vikings were the first to arrive in America and there’s a map that can prove it, the “Vinland Map”. Well… this map is a hoax! it was discovered that the ink used for the drawing was fabricated around 1920, at the most.

As you have seen, every story has its funny details and anecdotes, and that of America’s discovery wasn’t going to be less.

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