Welcome to Enforex Camps 2015!

Welcome to Enforex Camps 2015!

Summer is here and we open our doors again. It doesn´t seem that long since we were opening our doors last year!

We are back refreshed with our batteries charged and ready and willing to spend the best summer with you, during which you will learn languages, practice sports, visit new places, make new friends …. yes, this summer will be one to remember.


As you know this year there are new features: a new camp in Malaga and new facilities in Salamanca. The locations may be new but the Enforex Camps experience will be the same as ever!! If you have been with us in previous years you will know what we mean.

If this is your first year- Welcome! We assure you that the time spent at the camps will be an experience and we would like to remind you that we are here for whatever you need. Both teachers and monitors are on hand and there is nothing they will not do to help you. Do not hesitate to ask!


Enough said, you have waited long enough to get started! Have fun and enjoy your time at Enfocamp! There is much to see, to learn and to enjoy!

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