Welcome to Enfocamp Club 2012

Welcome to Enfocamp Club 2012

We are proud to open for the fourth consecutive year the virtual doors of our Enfocamp Club, the place through which we share the experiences and memories of our language camp students. We are full of energy to get started with this task: everyday we will upload more than 60 pictures of the camps, and each day we’ll choose the “photo of the day”. Also, the camp monitors will comment the activities the carry out together with the student’s testimony.

This space has become the best example of how our camps are. A proof of it is that each year we receive more than 200 new members in the Club, all of them updated daily with our newsletter.

Foto de una excursión de nuestros acampados

How to be aware of what’s going on in the camps? Very easy! All of those who are attending our camps will shortly receive an e-mail indicating that they can sign up for “Enfocamp Club”. Once the form is filled in, a daily e-mail will arrive to their inboxes with the news, activities, and highlights… of each camp. You just have to follow the link to each school, and they will automatically be redirected to the camp’s website with photos, videos, and various links to share the info through your favourite social network, if you wish.

Oh, yes! We warn you: our newsletters are sent in Spanish, so that the person receiving it can also learn our language.

Enfocamp Club Web

Enfocamp Club web

And, speaking of social networks: every day we update our accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tuenti… with the club’s highlights. Finding us is as easy as typing ‘Enfocamp’ in those networks, becoming a follower or a fan (we are backed by more than 500 FB fans, and almost 700 on Tuenti), and there will we be, sharing every new experience.

Our intention is to make each summer special. But our effort would be pointless without the support of the parents and students that trust in us each year, and make our club grow and be known to more people. We think about them every day and this is what keeps us improving and making our club bigger every day.

Our presentation is finished; now it’s time to just have fun, as in any good friends’ club!

If you want to read this post in Spanish… Follow us!

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