What can you dress up as this Halloween?

What can you dress up as this Halloween?

The night of the monsters is almost here, and it is very probable that there is a costume party at school or high school you are attending to. Ok, then, so, what costume can you wear that is not the typical vampire cape, the classic white-sheet-ghost or the toilet paper mummy? We are going to give you some ideas of unusual Halloween party monsters to inspire you. Also, apart from telling you their story, we will let you know what elements can be used so that the costume is very affordable.


Knurre murre: this is a Danish troll who looks like a grumpy and unpleasant old man. But there is a reason for his attitude, for every time that he comes across a human they ask him where he hides his treasures. If you like the idea, you can dress up as this character dressing like a peasant (you can reuse a costume from the Christmas play), making yourself up as an old man and carrying a cauldron with chocolate gold coins or plastic jewellery.

Red Cap: this one is scarier, because he is a Scottish goblin who lives in abandoned castles, carries an axe or a pike, and wears iron boots and a red hat… which he dyes with the blood of those who fall asleep in his domains! Scary, huh? It can be very easy to dress up as him if you happen upon a knight costume, take the boots off, and put on a simple jacket, a goblin mask, a plastic axe and a Santa Claus hat without the top ball and the white accessories.

Grey neighbour: it is a goblin that lives in the Shetland Isles (in the north of Scotland) and spends his time doing pranks and practical jokes to humans. He is not much different from the goblins that we are used to see, but he differs from them in the fact that his clothes are grey. In this case, you can ask your mother to dye a goblin costume in grey. An important detail: you will also have to paint your face with that colour!

Jack O’Lanther: the tradition of carving faces on pumpkins and putting a candle inside of them comes from the story of the poor Jack, an Irishman who wanted to trick the devil and was condemned to wander eternally carrying one of hell’s flames inside one of the pumpkins he cultivated. And there is nothing as easy as disguising as him: dress with dirty or tattered clothes, wear a make up that resembles a banshee and carry one of those plastic pumpkins that every store sells during Halloween.

Lobisome: this one is even easier. A lobisome is a Galician werewolf, so it will be enough with a mask, a pair of shaggy gloves and everything you can gather from a store that completes the typical werewolf costume. The Galician touch would come from adding to it a t-shirt of one of the Galician football teams.

At the party

Gremlin: even though this name makes us all think of the monster movie from the eighties, gremlins were born at the beginning of the XX century, and became very famous during the II World War when they were thought responsible of the inexplicable breakdowns that happened to the planes of the British Royal Air Force. Dressing up as an original gremlin can be very easy: just look for a goblin mask and combine it with an overall, pilot glasses (or black swimming glasses) and tools.

Acheri: if you manage to put it together, you Hill be the star of the party with this costume. The Acheri is a monster from the native North American Indians. She is a very thin girl, dresses in reindeer skin, who warns humans of the proximity of their death. She can only be seen at night, singing or banging a drum. As you can see, it is quite a different costume, interesting and very simple to put together (dressing up as an Indian woman and making up as a skull or a pale spirit). The bad part is that the people at the party may think that you are dressed up as a “zombie Pocahontas”, so don’t mind telling them what you are actually dressed up as.

Yürei: if you are a fan of Japanese culture (or manga), you will love this one, for it is the typical Japanese ghost: a feminine spirit with long hair, very pale skin and penetrating eyes who wears a white kimono and carries a triangular piece of cloth or paper on her forehead. According to the tradition, these apparitions have no feet, so we recommend you to wear a very long kimono. This can be a very good alternative to the witch costume.

Of course there are many monsters and ghosts in other cultures that can be interesting ideas for a costume. So we recommend you to check out some mythology books or search the Internet. You will surely find many ide

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