Youtube and our camps

Youtube and our camps

We have all accessed Youtube at some stage. These days, it seems rather commonplace to do so. Yet, little over six years ago the mere idea of watching the video of some Japanese fellow on holiday or the latest mischief of a cat living in California on the Internet was beyond thought.

The service was officially established on February 15, 2005 (and it seemed as if it had been there all along!). Its creators, three former PayPal employees, wanted to build a site where users could upload their own creations and visitors could vote for them. According to them, the idea came up when one of the three entered a dating site where members could vote on other members’ photos. These days, hundreds of millions of users visit Youtube. This explains why many believe that it could end up replacing the TV (or, at least, seriously competing against it).

Enfocamp Youtube Channel

Enfocamp Youtube Channel

Because we wouldn’t have it any other way, Enfocamp also has a Youtube channel where videos of the summer camp are shown. Every year, with every new season, films are uploaded showing the facilities, activities and excursions of each of its colonies.

Parents and students can keep up to date with the videos through a simple process: Youtube offers a subscription service. The only requirement is to have an account on this site (there is no need to upload a video), and, once an Enfocamp video is accessed, clicking on the “Subscribe” icon under the title will automatically deliver an email to the address linked to the account every time there is a notification.



But this is not the only way to get information about the colonies on the site. Simply type “Enfocamp” in the video search box and you will access all the material of the camp experiences uploaded directly by teachers and students.

Thus, we invite parents and students to discover the various locations of these colonies as well as the people who live in them. There is no better way to experience what campers feel – bar one.

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